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"In 2010, he devised Participatory Chinatown, a role-playing game in which Bostonians were invited to play one of 15 fictional residents, and complete missions like finding a job or a place to hang out. “People said they appreciated the perspective of this other person they got to play,” he says. “They told the story of what was happening in a very different way – much more personalised.” But the method has its limitations: “They might play, say, an immigrant who couldn’t afford to buy a coffee at Starbucks every morning. But if they wanted a Starbucks on every corner in real life, that was still the case [after they finished the game]. Playing Grand Theft Auto doesn’t make me want to shoot people, so why would playing a pro-social video game make me more pro-social?”"

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Just a little under 31 years ago, I played a key role in a conspiracy theory that grew up around a passenger plane downed by a Russian missile. Trust me, I did not mean to be involved.

On September 1, 1983, Korean Airlines flight 007, a Boeing 747 with 269 passengers, was shot down over the…

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I found this to be a really useful framework.

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I know this already made the rounds but damn, it’s so pretty.